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Ce que le feu rends à l'image / What fire restores to the image

Vidéo 02 : 57 sec
90 x 34,5 x 29,5 cm

This video is part of the research on filmed sequences about image manipulation.

My initial intention was to showcase hands, these intermediaries between us and things that manipulate, touch, transform, take, and render images.

I aimed to emphasize the tangibility of images or perhaps also to underscore the desire (often hindered) of our gazes to culminate with the hand in the face of images. Images do not have borders in the sense that they are transposable, reproducible; thus, they are not defined by having an edge. They are projected and projectable; they are both present and absent, concealed and elusive. Unlike the rest of the series, in this video, I chose not to show my hands. I used fire for its strength, its breath, which would act like a hand.

Fire, for me, refers to the place of the image, to its elusive movement. I found it interesting to use it to replay this ambivalence of the image by employing a force of light, of life, like a presence that can simultaneously destroy and make absent. The fire that appears in the image allows the movement of this image as much as it also causes its disappearance. What remains is the film, the image, thus, of this transformation/disappearance.

A little scene that I like to present in a loop like a nursery rhyme for a child. The image of the landscape burns as much as the images burn the real they only skim. Like a hand reaching out towards the fire

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