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Charlotte Flamand / works and live in Brussels BE / is born in France. She studied graphic arts at the Brassart school in France for two years before joining the painting department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels in 2012. Graduating in 2017, she received several distinctions, such as the Godecharle Prize and the Horlait-Dapsens Grant. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Brussels and undertaken several residencies, including the Moonens Foundation (BE) and the Espronceda Foundation (ES). Concurrently with her studies, from 2015 to 2019, she co-organized a series of contemporary art exhibitions called the Molière Project. In the last two years, the project has been included in the OFF program of the Brussels Art Fair. In 2022, she presented her first solo exhibition at Rossicontemporary Gallery (BE). Her multifaceted work is guided by words, whether from literature or the more everyday ones of orality; a daily log of drawings, notes, and images that she assembles and brings together in painting to create a poetic space.

Expositions solo 

2020 Soleil vague, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles

2018 Le regard bas, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles

2022 Matrix Verbatim, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles

Expositions collectives


Des fgurations Actes 04, Prix Jean et Irène Rancy, Les abattoirs, Mons


I cried over spilt milk, en duo avec Leen Van Dommelen, Espronceda, Barcelone

Speakeasy, Lycée Molière, Bruxelles

Fried patterns, Weekend gallery, Espace Vanderborght, Bruxelles


Tension A, Penthahouse Art Residancy, Hotel Bloom, Bruxelles

Writing bodies, Abattatoirs de Bomel, Namur

Bonnes résolutions, Galerie Cdlt+, Liège

Sundog, Fondation moonens, Bruxelles

PLAYTIME, exposition de fn de résidence, Fondation Moonens, Bruxelles


Des fgurations Actes 03, Prix Jean et Irène Rancy, Musée Ianchelevici, La Louvière

First Layer, exposition des Master 2 de l’atelier de peinture de l’ARBA-ESA, Atelier 340, Bruxelles

« Face, Figure », Galerie Détour, Jambes

Tradition does graduates, ARBA-ESA, Bruxelles

Masters salon painting, KoMASK, Anvers


Hithertho Strangers, HFBK, Dresden


White cube ?, workshop autour de l’exposition avec Emilio Lopez-Menchero, Bruxelles

Virginia Woolf, Eté 78, Bruxelles

Concours et prix 


Mention honorable reçu au Masters salon painting organisé par le KoMASK

Prix Horlait-Dapsens

Prix Espronceda 


Lauréate du Prix Godecharle


Lauréate du prix Images Imprimées de l’Académie Royale des Arts et des Lettres de Bruxelles


Co-fondatrice du Moliere Project 2016 > 2019

Nothing like a little levity, Lycée Molière, OFF ART BRUSSELS - 2018

A l’oeil, curateur invité Laurent de Meyer, Lycée Molière - 2018

R&R, curateur invité Emmanuel Lambion, Lycée Molière -2019

Speakeasy, Lycée Molière, OFF ART BRUSSELS - 2019

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