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Acier, pierre d'obsidienne, feutre, laiton 


MN is a black mirror made of obsidian stone. Obsidian is a dark, dense, and very sharp volcanic glass.

Ancient Mesoamerican cultures already used it to create weapons, dark mirrors, and other objects intended for bloodletting and sacrifice rituals. Its use is also found among the Egyptians, who attributed magical qualities to the stone, allowing them to open the deceased's body during the funeral ritual. Later, in the 18th century, the black mirror became an optical instrument used by landscape painters to see the landscape differently. The user would turn away from the landscape, observe the dark and profound image in the mirror to contemplate or paint it.

MN is a piece that I first envision as a silent presence, a guardian of my paintings or the exhibition.

I find it interesting to consider it as a scenic instrument for seeing "differently" by creating dark images of the space and potentially exhibited paintings. It can be easily moved or oriented.

It stands on a pedestal resembling an eye, a planet, the back of a head, or even an open mouth.

Its dark material enhances a clear and luminous shimmer, a depth. Both brilliance and perforation, MN is an opening, a breath, which brings to the gaze of the one facing it the unease of their own aspiration.

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